Alumanation 301


Alumanation 301 is a premium grade, industrial maintenance, self-priming, high build aluminium coating formulated from specially processed polymers, a proprietary blend of natural and synthetic fibres, and a fine aluminium pigment. Alumanation 301 contains no asbestos. It reflects heat, prevents corrosion and protects against mild acid and alkali fumes on a variety of substrates, including metal, concrete, transite, built-up roofing and modified bitumen.

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Features & Benefits

  • Used for the rust proofing and weatherproofing of metal roofs, sidewalls, tanks, bridges, structural steel, electrical transmission towers, piping, guard rails, etc.
  • Can be applied in colder temperatures than its water-based counterpart.
  • The thick one-coat application makes it a very economical and easy to use product.
  • Aluminium finish is highly reflective, protecting the roof from harmful UV as well as keeping building cooling costs to a minimum.