Phenoline 305 Finish

A heavy-duty topcoat, Phenoline 305 Finish sets to a hard, tough, smooth finish having very good abrasion resistance. The surface is glossy and easily cleaned. Has excellent resistance to a wide range of solvents, alkalies, cleaning solutions and acids entrained vapours of high concentration.

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Phenoline 305 Finish PDS English
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Features & Benefits

  • Excellent coating for the protection of steel surfaces in nuclear power plants
  • Used in chemical processing plants, pulp and paper mills for the protection of structural steel against severe splash, spillage and fume conditions
  • Fair flexibility
  • Very good weathering
  • Very good abrasion resistance
  • May be applied over inorganic zincs, catalyzed epoxies, modified phenolics or others as recommended
  • Acceptable primers are Carbozinc 11, Carboguard 193, Phenoline 305 Primer or others as recommended
  • A mist coat may be required when applied over inorganic zinc
  • Not recommended for immersion service or continuous spillage of hot or concentrated acids