CAR 400

CAR 400 is a solvent-free epoxy blended with atomized steel alloys and cross-linked with unique fast curing high performance amines processed from renewable resources. The chemistry employed allows for rapid return to service even at low temperatures with options of low energy forced heat curing which achieves an extremely high level of cross-linking, resulting in improved mechanical performance and chemical resistance. The product is used to repair and rebuild worn steel surfaces subjected to erosion, corrosion and chemical attack. CAR 400 can be applied from thin skim, pit filling layers to 15mm rebuilds without slumping, and in its wet state is water mist smoothable. After 30 minutes in a semi-set putty state, the product is mouldable to desired shapes and once set can be machined to the exact tolerances which may be required.

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Features & Benefits

  • CAR 400 is recommended for quick repair and rebuild of steel surfaces exposed to wear and chemical attack, i.e. impeller blades, shafts, pipes, valves and pump casings. The product is often used to smooth out weld joints in pipes, tanks and flanges, improving flow and restricting abrasion.