Phenoline 302


Phenoline 302 is one of the most resistant topcoats of the Phenoline series for immersion service. It has very good resistance to abrasion, including slurries. After the final cure there is no leaching of resins or catalyst. Excellent general tank lining material because of its overall chemical resistance.

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Features & Benefits

  • As a lining for tanks holding moderate concentration acids, alkalies, salts or solvents
  • Excellent tank lining material for acid-solvent and alkali-solvent solutions
  • Recommended as a heavy-duty maintenance coating for severe exposure to splash, spillage and fumes
  • Also for protection of floors exposed to chemical spillage
  • Generally used where other lining systems have proved unsuitable
  • Fair flexibility
  • Good weathering
  • Very good abrasion resistance
  • May be applied over recommended modified phenolics or catalyzed epoxy primers or surfacers
  • Not recommended for immersion in strong acids